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It is very telling that when most people hear, “Rage of the Age,” they immediate picture the multitude of images of all the animosity and anger that has become the steady diet of many. This is certainly one of the issues that Rage of the Age will look at. Yet, everyone’s “rage” is not the goal. The name, “Rage of the Age,” is meant to be taken as what are the popular mindsets of our current time. What is the current “Rage” that is affecting our society in our “Age”? That is the goal. It is more of a look at the zeitgeist of the times than an obsession over rage, though rage seems to be a recurring theme in our time. What’s a zeitgeist? Exactly! Who wants to listen to output from a source called, “The Current Zeitgeist”? Yah, Rage of the Age seemed a little bit more deliverable.


What, then, is the objective of Rage of the Age? It is the birth of much personal anguish and the wrestling in my spirit. Am I the only one who sees the conniving manipulation that has infiltrated most aspects of cultural influence? Oh, you’ve noticed it too? Well, certainly you have also noticed that the same outlets of influence don’t tell on themselves either. In fact, these sources are very adept at fighting any attempt to call them to account and are even very militant in application. Many of us can feel a juggernaut, Borg-like, apparatus attempting to dominate all thought. Rage of the Age was started as a humble attempt to be a counter voice. Politics, Religion, Economics & History are the primary themes because these areas greatly affect who people are, what they believe, and how they will live their lives. Never assume anyone is “neutral” or unbiased when it comes to these topics. Never assume you are “neutral” or unbiased. Rage of the Age compares paradigms in these hot subjects to try and get to the source of why we think what we do as well as see how it influences our times.


It is with a “Conservative Bend” because I am a conservative. I no longer pretend I am “neutral” and “unaffiliated.” I have walked away from that masquerade a few years ago. You will therefore hear that perspective from me. At least I will tell you that upfront rather than try to tell you that I am aloft and unbiased like most major sources pretend today. Nonetheless, I have no fear of fair and open discussion. I fully believe that if you can convince me of my error that I will have to accept the truth simply because it is the truth. I only hope you can have the same approach as well. I supposed I am “old fashioned” in that I believe in the fair consideration of ideas and that they must stand and fall on their own merits in the market place of ideas. This is most certainly how a free society must operate.


For the inquisitive who ask, “Who are you and why should I care?” In short, I am a nobody like many nobodies who form this nation. I was born to poor parents and so outside the immediate benefits of social elites. I served in the US Army for 20 years rather than attend college after high school (though I have a degree now), so I haven’t accumulated many impressive pedigrees. I was an Infantryman with three combat tours, so it is presumed that I have no skills and that I eat babies for breakfast. I am a latecomer to the Christian faith and foolish enough to become a Pastor, so I must lack all good sense. But I am a citizen who loves my nation and believes it is a place where nobodies can be somebodies. I am a critical thinker (I know, surprise!) and a long time student of people’s mindsets, charades, and character. And most importantly, this is not a chore or mandatory job; I love to talk about the things that are talked about on Rage of the Age.

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It is our goal to effectively communicate the Christian message via inside & outdoor preaching, radio and TV broadcasts, and the use of social media. I also host the podcast Rage of the Age: Politics, Religion, Economics & History With a Conservative Bend.

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