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Dear Conservative, Liberals are not stupid: you are, by a Conservative

I know, I know, you see the blatant hypocrisy and disregard for logical sense. All of 2020 you watched as left-wing groups operated with near impunity as they destroyed cities and attacked government buildings. You witnessed liberal government officials refusing to let the police do their job. The police were vilified while the destructive mobs were victims whose protests were “mostly peaceful.” Not only were police departments confined with their hands tied, but these destructive groups were even joined by politicians looking to score cheap and sinister political points. Further, those who dared to defend themselves against this mob were painted as dreadful monsters. I mean, how dare they not just die and surrender their stuff? No, no, I get it. You are still amazed that the cry to use troops to protect citizens was portrayed as something evil by liberals only to see 25,000 of them protecting those same people for an unattended virtual inauguration. Truly, I get it. It is baffling to hear claims that democracy has prevailed and that we will now have true unity only to have conservatives targeted and silenced on social media (and yes, we know this has already been happening in Big Media networks).

So, how are you handling this dear conservative? I am willing to bet you have fallen for the typical response we are too well known for. What response is that? Put quite simply, you have merely declared that liberals are stupid. I mean, surely by all measures they must appear so. There is a use of double standards for sure. When challenged by reason there is the retreat to pathos where the challenger is simply called a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, misogynist, xenophobe, etc. They will not be moved by reason and they will feel their way to utopia or burn down the world if they do not get it. They even trap themselves in their own rhetoric yet seem to be unashamed when they get caught in it. They can be caught on video saying something that comes back on them and they will deny they said it to your face…with a straight face. Yes, it is frustrating, but what was your response dear conservative? I bet you simply declared, “Liberals are stupid!”

It is on this point where I must disagree with my fellow conservatives. Liberal paradigms may seem deranged. Their methods and double standards may seem mindless to you. However, they are not stupid. They do what they do not because they are clueless; they do what they do because they know what they are doing. That conservatives do not see this is what really makes us as a group, well, stupid. To dismiss the greatest threat of our time for this nation as mere stupidity truly reveals that we truly do not understand the threat at all. Liberals understand you better, rest assured, than you understand the liberal. Simply labeling them as stupid, having a laugh about it, and moving on is to minimize the true severity of what we are facing. And surely, we can now agree that whatever your thoughts of the liberal mind, it is now seen that liberal actions are going full speed and with all seriousness.

Modern liberalism should not be viewed as something comical; it must be seen for the sinister nature that it truly is.


What is the conservative missing then? If I could be ever so blunt…you do not understand your enemy. Enemy? Yes, your enemy. The current liberal machine is composed of many who hold some ideas of classical liberalism and even do not want socialism. They honestly believe that they are for democracy and liberty. The problem is that those who hold the reins of power for the Democrat Party are not concerned about those things. They have a different vision, and it does not include America as we know it. That means America, all that it stands for, and everything it has provided to this point, must be dealt a death blow so that something more grotesque can be created in its place. Modern liberalism should not be viewed as something comical; it must be seen for the sinister nature that it truly is. Until conservatives (And by extension Democrats who are really conservatives who do not know it yet) realize that there is a true and real enemy out to destroy what you love, you will see their antics as “stupid” and not for the threat it really is.

Antics? You mean their demonstration of how stupid they really are? No, by antics I mean their intentional application of means to an end. The truth is that what you are seeing is planned out. There is a reason to their madness even though you do not see it. This all stems from their political paradigms that honestly most conservatives do not seem to comprehend yet. Their world view revolves around social conflict thought made prominent by Karl Marx. However, he is “old school” and only a starting point. Now, ideas such as intersectionality and critical race theory have been interwoven to the original concepts and honestly it provides more of a punch. How many conservatives even know what I just mentioned? It is my experience that many conservatives do not know what those things are and could not identify its application if it was presented right before them. Many conservatives know enough to declare that Socialism is bad. Most are armed with the information to explain why it is bad. That is great, however, we are not arguing against classical socialism anymore. Wait, you did not know that did you?

This conflict is not between the classic haves and have-nots anymore. Capitalism has just been too successful. Instead, there is an intricate list of emotionally charged conflicts to choose from. Maybe you are a “have” and doing alright. That alone may not entitle you to be fired up. But if you are not white (this is scaled of course), a woman, or have a sexual deviance then you now have your conflict. This conflict entitles you as an official victim to receive perks, privileges, and favoritism all the while simultaneously sticking it to those with white privilege. I know, none of it makes true logical sense. Good luck having an honest conversation with facts in that dialogue (Just kidding, it will be a monologue). It fails on all counts of logos, but the true power of it is in the pathos. The goal is to mobilize those who can be outraged over a social conflict to use them to seize political power. It is not stupidity; it is strategy.

By now you have surely heard the expression, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” It is not just a humorous tongue in cheek statement to the Left; It is a mission statement!


They understand that it is possible to seize power quicker with a crisis and conflict rather than by any other means. Someone has an idea of how to better do something or an idea of how not to do something. That’s nice, but no one is really concerned overall. However, let there be a crisis and you get everyone’s attention. In a crisis, people are more willing to give harsher powers into the hands of leaders that normally do not get to use them. Thus, what you are seeing, dear conservative, that makes you conclude that the Left is stupid, are actual attempts to manufacture crises in order to grab more power. By now you have surely heard the expression, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” It is not just a humorous tongue in cheek statement to the Left; It is a mission statement! It does not matter if there is no evidence for the stated crisis. The objective is simply to find excuses to grab power, and once the power is taken you get to dictate to everyone what is true or not true.

Finally, there is the more disturbing concept that conservatives do not seem to understand. The power running the Left is not concerned when they break and destroy things. In fact, it is often the goal. When you see them advocating policies and actions that you know will have a negative impact on something, you may be tempted to think they are stupid. Measures meant to weaken the economy, the military, and the police force are not lamebrain dalliances; they are intentional sabotage. I know, I know, why would they purposely sabotage things that are meant to provide stability. Because they are actively seeking to remove stability, and further to remove threats of what they see as counter-revolutionary influencers. Conservatives tend to want to have a barrier between politics and war, where you can practice the prior without having to escalate to the latter. However, the leftist in control do not see a separation. For them politics is a form of warfare, a war they must win at all costs.

What are the goals of their intended destruction then? When the economy is busted, then guess to whom everyone is likely to run for help? You guessed it, the government. A government the Left intends to use to implement their goals of a top-down economy and to militate their obsession on all things being the same – and thus equal. When the military is weakened and made useless then the Left are removing an institution they have always hated and feared. They hate it because they see it as a tool for the Right, and thus see it as a threat to their goals. How will we defend ourselves then? They will simply replace the force with another or add commissars in the Soviet fashion to ensure the loyalty of the force. It will not be an efficient force, but one they personally control and thus comfortable with. Now surely, we must agree that we need a police force? Yah, but it will not be the current one, which they see as upholders of the “old regime.” It will be replaced with a more “revolutionary” type of organization. Even if they let the police exist as is, they will be made impotent with little function and effect as is already witnessed in localities that have decided to do so.

The power running the Left genuinely believes that it is better to destroy in order that they may start rebuilding from the ashes...They want their own sandbox (Well, ash box) and not to be told that their sandcastle is crooked or about to fall.


So, you mean to tell me that they really do not care if they destroy the country and light it on flames? In short, no, they do not care! This attitude is not new and honestly, we should have picked up on this a long time ago. The power running the Left genuinely believes that it is better to destroy in order that they may start rebuilding from the ashes. They do not want any competition or antithesis to deal with. They want their own sandbox (Well, ash box) and not to be told that their sandcastle is crooked or about to fall. You may have heard the expression, “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” That about sums up the attitude. Of course, they think everyone else are the eggs and they are the chef. In their minds they do not care if numerous jobs are lost, violence is escalated, or even if millions are killed and forcibly relocated. In the end they believe they will finally get to build their little version of utopia on earth that apparently everyone else was preventing from happening. The ends justify the means!

It is time that conservatives finally begin to understand the liberal mindset. The powers running the Left are driving a totally different train from what the Democrat party used to be. You must understand them and admit that they intend to literally fight you. Their paradigms are not your own, and thus you cannot understand them using your own. Social conflict theory rules them and they see the current contest as a war even if your will not. The goal is to seize power by any means. Lies and propaganda, censorship and misinformation, and open hypocrisy are simply tools to them. When you call them out on it, they will not suddenly say, “Oh no, you caught me! I suppose I will stop now!” They will continue until they grab all the power that they want. Be sure that this process will include intentional destruction. They will try to destroy anything they cannot use and see as a barrier to their goals. No underhanded method is considered off limits. If they believe that they can get away with it, they are going to do it. Until we comprehend this and combat it to its core, we are the ones who are stupid.

Philip Sharp is a US Army Infantry Veteran of 20 years with 3 combat deployments, author of "Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire," and host of the podcast “Rage of the Age: Politics, Religion, Economics & History With a Conservative Bend.” You can follow Philip Sharp on Twitter @RageoftheAgeNow.

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