New rounds of D.C. riots: A blind man could see it coming.

On January 6, 2021 there was violence once again at our capital. It is called, “Unprecedented” and there is a “shock” across the nation. The major news networks echo the same sentiment that extremist groups converged on the capital and thus there was the violence. Yet I am convinced that this event in NOT unprecedented and I am not shocked one bit that it took place. There is a shock in that we have reached this level, but that the event came to pass is really no surprise to any true thinking person.

Let us do a quick review of 2020 for an apparent mass of humanity that has the attention span of maybe a few days. What are some of the biggest phrases we heard throughout the year? Here are some of the ideas we engaged; do any of them sound familiar?

“Peaceful protest” or even “Mostly peaceful protest”

“No justice, no peace”

“Violence is the language of the unheard”

“Defund the Police”

“I don’t think violence is the answer, but I understand”


If anything, we can hardly call this “unprecedented.” News folks, have you really been in a hole for the past year? There were riots at D.C. even, as well as other parts of the country that were quite devastating. Now tell me, honestly, for those who loved to fling these terms around to dismiss the violence, riots, and destructive gatherings for near an entire YEAR, would you dare to use these terms now to justify the most recent event in D.C.? If someone were to say that this was a “peaceful protest,” would you buy it? If these protestors or later those defending it where to cry out, “No justice, no peace!” would you be sympathetic? Surely, you would let slide the whole, “violence is the language of the unheard,” if these people really believe they are not being heard, right?

Of course not! It is one thing to have an entire year to intimidate and demand what you want with very little opposition and even media elites cheering you on with justification. However, it is another when someone watches what you do and then copies you, isn’t it?

Here are some facts to let this sink in more, unless of course you have already started the unfriending process because dialogue is just too painful:

1) Numerous riots and mob violence have been used to force an issue for most of 2020, overwhelmingly staged by leftists trying to push their agendas. These were treated with kid’s gloves by mayors and governors either afraid to do anything or were sympathetic to the cause. The mayor in Seattle even spent public funds to create the CHAZ!

2) The police where hamstrung to properly deal with these violent episodes due to the political climate.

3) The large media companies either barely covered the violence, or when it did had a word of sympathy for it. Most of the coverage I got was via twitter videos. For a time you could find this footage on Facebook and YouTube, but they have certainly cracked down on what they want to see. If you ignore it, it isn’t happening I suppose.

4) The mayors of Seattle and Chicago were sympathetic to the crowds and thus hemmed in their police forces…until these crowds were showing up at their house…THEN the crowds had to be dealt with. Forget everybody else!

5) The courthouse in Portland was totally trashed with violence used, with some officers being blinded by lasers. This was considered “peaceful” though.

6) There were murders in many locations by these mobs, and we were corrected. We were instructed not to call the riots because it was disparaging, and they were actually peaceful.

7) I literally watched hundreds of videos of violence and rhetoric that should make even your typical Democrat blush, but big news thought everything was just fine.

8) It was watched and observed that organizations that used terror, violence, threatening language would get what they want, protected, and encouraged while anyone who dared to defend themselves was prosecuted.

9) There has been blatant censorship to suppress conservative voices on social media. We could add the big news, but this has been going on for decades with no surprise. If anything got through, then you had the thought police and “fact-checkers” (you should insert the word, “commissar”) to contend with. Anyone who spoke against the official version was caricatured and bullied. If anyone can claim they are the unheard, it is not the liberal.

That should suffice for the moment, but if you need more, seriously, you have all of 2020 to look through. And now some questions:

1) If you defended the violent mobs, covered for them, or even justified them, why are suddenly appalled by mob violence now? Are you saying your group can do any violence it likes by others may not?

2) Did you really expect to not have a reaction? Conservatives are often called reactionary. You know, because they react to things rather than change things. If you have a massive amount of these people showing up at a spot and resorting to violence, what are they reacting to?

3) Who do you think taught them to behave this way? I mean they had the whole past year to watch and learn from the best. They saw the tactics used and how it even got some things accomplished. Did you really expect them to not also do it as well?

4) Their voices have been severely curtailed by aggressive measures in the media and in other outlets. Don’t they have a right to violence since they are the unheard?

5) Having read articles before such as, “If riots are not the answer, what is?” and “Don’t blame BLM for the riots,” I wonder if this crowd could stomach similar headlines for this event in D.C.? How about, “If the riot in D.C. is not the answer, what is?” or “Don’t blame Conservatives for the riots” for headlines. Too soon?

6) Having seen sentiments that violence is used because no one will listen otherwise, do you still believe that, or will you make an exception for this case because it is the other side?

7) Were you routing for the police and other authorities on January 6 to put down this mob? Then let’s agree that defunding the police may be a stupid idea since you need them too.

8) Why is it when conservatives gather anywhere, violent or not, they are called “extremists,” but the left with their destruction are portrayed as “peaceful”?

9) Do I need to go on?

Now, what can we learn from all of this?

1) How about we finally agree that mob violence should not be a political weapon in a democracy. Can we finally do that? It doesn’t matter if you sympathize with the cause or not. If you tolerate your cause doing it, trust me, someone else will tolerate it for their cause as well.

2) Again, it is great to have the police around to deal with violent people, isn’t it? So…hold them accountable for good work, but we still need them. Drop the defunding nonsense already.

3) Trying to blame one person is lunacy! Let’s see, who do I dislike? Hmm, I know, it was his fault! The truth is there was a conspiracy to tolerate violence for one’s own end by many people and now this has escalated. Period. If we don’t condemn it all, we will see all doing it.

And now for my final two cents. I saw this coming for a while. I have mentioned this to friends, my podcast, and on social media. I am not clairvoyant nor a prophet, but I know my history. Not the junk that passes for history today that obsesses over who oppressed who trying to slant its rendering for a political ideology. I am talking actual history. Trust, I did not want to see this day. I delight in it in no way whatsoever. In fact, I dreaded this day would come. We will no longer discuss anything. Even now, as you read this, you have been unfriending people about this topic or someone is about to unfriend you. How many comments have you seen that end with, “Not for debate”? In other words, the world better hear what I have to say, but if you contract me or disagree in any way, then that’s it! This sums up the entire attitude of the nation right now. Over inflated egos that don’t want anyone to challenge them. We are here forming into violent camps because there is a refusal to intellectual discourse and a penchant for suppressing opposing voices. What’s next? If this continues as I fear, we will pursue violence because it is the only thing respected right now. It is seen as the thing to get you what you want.

Finally, we are a nation that has simply turned its back on God. Our public officials, who are called ministers, pray to other gods and make jokes while praying. Was that for God to hear or your personal echo chamber of a choir? We slaughter our unborn for convenience sake, and yes, that is the overwhelming reason. We celebrate sexual deviation and apparently have lost the ability to tell a boy from a girl. Again, we have ministers justifying all of this supposedly in the name of God. We have dealt with violence and still facing Covid, and still this nation is stubborn and resists God. We want to enjoy our luxuries and demand people support our fantasies (or else). We want Covid to simply disappear to go back to normal, forgetting it is God who brought it to us. God is openly mocked unashamedly by people who wouldn’t dare to say it to any other “deity.” We have God’s word all around us and yet we are all the ignorant of what it says, unless of course a certain verse taken out of context supports what I want. Now in our selfishness we will fight one another. Be sure this is only the beginning if we don’t stop and turn back to God. Next (God I hope I am really wrong on this), there will be active opposition at every rally and open battles. No side wants to concede to the other the advantage of the public outrage for the cause to the other group now. Ironically, there will be a fight to see who is the more oppressed, because the irony is that the “oppressed” are the ones who get to wield power now. If we continue to smear God as we do and ignore his attempts to get our attention, then we are without excuse for what is to come.

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