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Video Commentaries

Start Deprogram.png

How is it a conspiracy theory when Conservatives talk about the Left using reeducation camps, yet the Left is literally talking about deprogramming half of the population...and talking about it openly! Ya, it's like that.

Portland Start.png

What motivates governors and mayors to actually do what they are supposed do? Well, it depends on who the culprits are and your personal feelings, of course

White Christians.png

If you are white and you are a Christian, then naturally you are a racist. Oh, you didn't know that? Well, according to this guy it is obvious and you just have to accept it by blind faith. 

Reward Left.png

What reward is there for working with the left of today? If depends on how much you are willing to let them dictate. Here we discuss Georgi Gapon, Jenny Durkan, Lori Lightfoot, and Ted Wheeler and what they have in common in working with the left – and the reward they got for it.

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